Fighting Over Vinyl in Steinbach

This kind of thing is happening more and more.


Those two. They fight over vinyl.

Really, it’s Phil’s fault. He owns Vinyl Experience in Steinbach, and keeps up a pretty active Facebook page. Whenever he posts new records, Andrew and Steve BOTH rush on over.

“HEY! I was gonna buy that one!” is a common refrain.

It’s okay, I forgive Phil for instigating this kind of thing. After all, he’s apparently frindschoft somehow. Here he is with his feisty Irish wife Sharon:

Also pictured: stacks of records that Andrew and Steve are both about to purchase. Not pictured: Sharon’s knitting.

I know it’s hard to believe, but Steinbach is more than just the MHV, MCC, and MJ’s Kafe, SCU and churches. It’s also a stellar place to get into records. Phil Wiens knows a TONNE about music and is very friendly and chatty. I mean, if you walk in the door, it’s just obvious that you’re there for music… and that just so happens to be his favourite subject. But he’s also happy to let you browse quietly. My point here is that he loves music and vinyl so much that he spends much of his spare time scouring the world for more vinyl to bring to his shop. I had to let you know about this, because I’m not sure how many people really are aware.

As I was looking around the shop this caught my eye:

“Terrible sci-fi movie – $5”

According to Phil, it’s so terrible, it’s not even good-terrible. It’s just a waste of an hour.

Sounds like a challenge to me!

Just kidding. I left it on the shelf. I don’t know what’s better — hearing Phil talk about Bruce Springsteen (whom he loves) or hearing Phil talk about this movie (which he does not love).

I thought it was really cool that Phil displays the golden scissors that Mayor Goertzen used to cut the ribbon when the shop opened in 2015.

Phil also sells a bunch of different record players, I think they might all be used and refurbished, at very reasonable prices. It’s a good place to go when you want to get into vinyl. And a good place to go to while away a few minutes… or hours.

Can you see Steve in the window?