Exploring Altona MCC!

In my youth, I frequented the Grunthal MCC. In my adulthood, I frequent the Steinbach MCC. The bottom line here is that I flat-out love MCC thrift stores. I haven’t visited as many as I would like, but this past summer I finally visited the Altona MCC!

We went straight to the books!

The Altona MCC is actually the very first MCC thrift shop to open! It’s the original, and it’s been quite successful. A few years ago, they even had this massive expansion. It seems way bigger than Steinbach’s MCC thrift shop!

MENNONITE BOOKS!?! Just try to keep me away!

I actually always shop at our local MCC solo, because I linger and examine everything… but Andrew cannot abide this behaviour. “Torture,” I believe he calls it. So, because we were together and I did not want to torture him, I did not have a “proper” visit to this MCC.

I can only imagine the conversations that precipitated the posting of this sign.

So I will obviously have to come back!

A very important section, particularly in the fall, during harvest!
So many jars… but I bet they’re completely sold out every autumn!
Looks like we’ve stumbled upon the “Mennonite Tupperware” section.
Andrew made me stand here, holding my MCC treasures: a zucchini, a jar of beans, and a history book.
Then Andrew figured I should stand in the clothing section for this picture, but all I can see are all the racks of clothing I neglected to comb through when I had the chance.

I do not regret the zucchinis and pulses I have purchased, but I do regret those items I did not have time to consider purchasing.

Altona MCC, I shall return!