A Menno Connection to the Hockey Hall of Fame?

I apologize. If you know and love hockey at all, you might find this post a little irritating. Nothing’s worse than someone who knows less than you do, trying to explain something to you, which you know a lot about.

You can blame (or credit) my husband for this. I find his enthusiasm positively infectious, so I happily accompanied him to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. And yet he said I should be the one to write about this. Jauma leid! Well, here we go.

First, we ‘met’ Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. At least, I think that was his nickname.

Then, we saw something very familiar — the old Winnipeg Jets logo.

If you were a kid in Manitoba in the 90s, this’ll probably mean something to you: Teemu Sellanne’s Jets jersey!

Here’s an even older one! The logo I remember from my childhood.

Here’s the Acvo Cup! Andrew tells me it’s important.

Then we found the map that points out just how much all of Canada loves hockey.

“Look excited!” he instructs. “I’m trying!” I reply.

Okay, this is familiar:

Hey, the Grunthal Red Wings even get a mention!

Seems like a bit of a Mennonite trio, but what do I know.

Next, Andrew insisted I do this:

Pretending I know lots about ice sports.

Then we went into the trophy room. I was excited because I was pretty sure this meant we were almost done with the HHF (do people call it that?) and could go eat lunch.

Pretty ceiling, tho!

We took a close look at this trophy:

Conn Smythe Trophy. I had to google it to find out its significance: it’s for MVPs. (Just in case anyone’s reading this who shares my pathetic level of hockey knowledge.)

Oh look, there’s Jonathan Toews’ name on this MVP trophy:

Many Mennos mention they’re related to him. Cousins, usually.

Ooh, look at this!

The original Stanley Cup!
Pretty sure this says Winnipeg won this thing in 1895. WHOA.
This says Winnipeg won the first Stanley Cup in 1896. So now I’m confused. (But, also kinda proud.)
I do not recall the name of this trophy, nor its significance… but it IS stored in the vault. Impressive!
Yet another trophy.
Rather than stand in a forever-long line to pose with this other trophy, we just took a quick pic of some other people posing with it, then went for lunch. (Now THAT’S what I call WINNING.)