Crack and Hash at Chicken Chef in Steinbach

Andrew and I are not big drug users – and when I say we’re not big drug users, I mean we’ve never even touched the stuff. That being said, Andrew did recently have an encounter with crack and hash at the local Chicken Chef. Yup, you heard that right. Crack and hash at Chicken Chef!

Ha. It’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it’s actually really good!

You see “crack and hash” is just their clever name for cracklings (“jreewe” for those Plautdietsch speakers out there) and hash browns.

I grew up on cracklings. I can’t say it’s a health food by any means, but I remember my Dad used to take the drippings (“jreewe schmault”) and spread it onto a piece of my Mom’s fresh baked bread, and add salt. During the week, he’d often fry jreewe, potatoes and eggs together. He made this for us whenever Mom wasn’t around to cook lunch. Ha ha!

Andrew did not grow up with cracklings like I did, so his jreewe breakfast at Chicken Chef was a first. He says he’s definitely going to go back for more. Maybe next time I’ll go with him…and re-live my childhood. In moderation, of course….