Busy Week for Manitoba-Mennos

I used to think I could hold commitments and plans and intentions in my head with no use for an actual calendar. I told myself this was an important practice in the pursuit of “keeping sharp”. Maintaining my memory and whatnot. Perhaps this makes you laugh. It certainly should, because clearly this was a stupid method and yes I missed a lot of things and/or neglected to plan appropriately and/or was blindsided by things I had forgotten about and was reminded about at the last minute.

Enter: the calendar!

I’m so proud of myself that I finally began using this thing. And in so doing, I’ve noticed this week will be a little busy for Andrew and I, as we certainly are planning to be at both these events.

This Wednesday January 18th, artist Margruite Krahn returns to the MHV in Steinbach to present Resurfacing: Mennonite Floor Patterns, in which she explains her discovery and research of the lively floor patterns found hidden in many old Mennonite houses around the world, and how she has recreated them in her art practice. Every time I hear her speak, I learn something new, as she digs deeper and deeper into this phenomenon and discovers what it meant for Mennonites then, and what it means for us now. I’m very excited to show up and pay rapt attention and probably take some notes and feel gushy feelings about her work.

Then on Thursday January 19th, writer Sarah Klassen will be launching her new book The Russian Daughter at McNally Robinson Grant Park in Winnipeg. Now, this is a hybrid event, both online and in person, so we totally could simply watch, listen, and participate in the Q&A from home — and McNally Robinson’s impeccable Event Coordinator John Toews ensures it’s all entirely seamless, I promise you, every time. And if there’s bad weather, we’ll for sure be tuning in over the interwebs. However, if the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that in-person is preferable for me, at least. So I’ll do my best to be there!

Maybe Andrew and I will see you at one or both of these events this week!