Back Roads and Blossoms in Steinbach

The other day I went for a walk with a friend. Nothing remarkable about that, especially with our gorgeous May weather. However, I have a bit of a penchant for wanting to walk along back roads. The great news is, I don’t even have to leave Steinbach to walk the back roads!

I guess some people would say these are not back roads, nor gravel roads, but simply back alleys. Whatever. These are back roads to me. Much more pleasant for having a quiet chat, away from noisy traffic. And yes…traffic does get noisy around here. It’s mostly the same people frantically driving back and forth down main street, but still, it contributes to the noise. Yuck, no thanks. I’d rather stroll the back roads.

This also gives us ample opportunity to notice how people’s gardens are doing. We jokingly called it our little garden tour. I gauged my rhubarb plant against those growing in the plots we passed…and I am now keenly aware that my rhubarb is somewhat stunted, comparatively speaking.

Closely linked to the back roads of Steinbach, are the hidden parks. These are also my favourites. I love finding hidden parks that we can take my nieces and nephews to play in. When I talk to my friends who grew up as Steinbach kids, they always know all about these neighbourhood parks. Petite parks with no parking lot and really no driveway, other than the access for the City lawn tractors, and backroad/alleys. You kinda just have to know where they are. Everyone in the neighbourhood does.

The hidden parks, the little-known “back roads”, and the blossoms…Steinbach shines beautifully in this season.