A Rant About the Mennonite Landing Site

Don’t let that sign put you off! You can still walk down to the banks at the Mennonite Landing site. thing is, you can’t take your motor vehicle down there.

If you could see the vandalism, you’d understand.

Someone’s been driving their truck all over the place at the Mennonite Landing. Ripping up paths and whatnot. That is something you may not do.

I didn’t take pictures of the damage. It was like looking at an open wound. I was repulsed.

Some people like to break rules just because they’re angsty. But I say, take it to the next level, and apply your intellect. There are PLENTY of rules that need to be broken in this world. So, so many. People are suffering, the earth is suffering, because of all the terrible rules that exist in this world that should really be broken. Get out there and break THOSE rules!

And so we now have this rule: “Enter at gate.” This is not one of those rules that require breaking. This is a peaceful spot being taken care of by a thoughtful group of historians… and you can help them take care of it, by not hurting the site, and following that simple sign.

And anyway, why would you wanna fight historians? I think perhaps some might say “because they’re boring”. To that I say a) they are not, they are fascinating, and b) if you wanna fight a historian, come here and fight ME. I know, that doesn’t sound like something a Mennonite would say. (While I theoretically aspire to the ideal of pacifism, I will admit that on occasion I do say things like, “Fight me.”) Don’t take your issues out on this lovely site, for pete’s sake. (Not that I’m a historian, but I spend a lot of time immersed in this stuff because I like it. So I think that makes me a wannabe-historian. Close enough.)

It’s really too bad that this sign has to be here now. It looked much nicer without it… (Compare to this post from 2017.)

Anyway, we had a great time at this site, talking with Glen and Ernest, and could’ve spent all day there… but had to continue. We had a lot of ground to cover, many sites to see.

But my point remains: treat the Mennonite Landing site with respect.

This is perhaps a pointless post because people who vandalize sites… do not read Mennotoba.

(In fact, they may not be able to read at all. ‘Guess that’s an entirely different thread, though.)