A Little Getaway at The Morning Dove B&B!

Andrew and I have been married 17 years! I love saying that because it sounds extreme… but weirdly it’s gone very fast. Anyway, I told Andrew that for our anniversary I just wanted to spend a night at the bed and breakfast in Neubergthal. The Herdsman House was unavailable, so this was the perfect opportunity to experience The Morning Dove!

Thankfully it was available, so we booked ourselves in and it was wonderful!

My only regret is that we didn’t book MORE days and stay longer.

Karen makes AMAZING food, and she’s incredibly generous with it, too. I didn’t take photos of any of it because I wolfed it down so fast!

It was so comfortable and relaxing, and I found that I could really think clearly when looking at all the books I’d brought along.

I also appreciated the stash of CDs.

I loved wandering the yardsite, too. I just love the towering cottonwoods of Neubergthal!

And this is the look on my face when I stay at The Morning Dove: