Top Five Things to Check Out at Steinbach’s ‘Summer in the City’ This Weekend

This year is the 10th annual Summer in the City Festival on Main Street in Steinbach. It’s always one of my favourite events of the year, especially since I can literally walk a few blocks from my house and have mini-donuts! There’s a lot to check out at Summer in the City (a lot more than I can cover in this one post), but here are a few of my favourites.

5. The Rides! – Okay, well, I’m not really too adventurous when it comes to rides, but I do like to take my nieces and nephews on the Ferris Wheel when I can. If you are the type who’s into rides, this is the place to be!

4. People watching! – No, I don’t mean staring slack-jawed at strangers. Haha. I mean, it’s fun just to walk down Main Street and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s dancing, live music, and thousands of people. Sawney Beans also has their sidewalk patio open in you’re so inclined.

3. The Music! – Summer in the City has had some great acts in the past. My favourites were probably Tom Cochrane and Burton Cummings. This year, the country headliner is Terri Clark and the Saturday night headliners are Harlequin and Honeymoon Suite. I’ll admit these bands are a little before my time, but hey, who doesn’t want to rock out to “Innocence.” Classic!

2. The Food! – Okay, so, this is one of the main reasons to come to Steinbach this weekend. Not only do they have all the usual carnival food, but there are food trucks from across Manitoba, and, of course, the famous Mennonite Heritage Village waffle booth! Heart-shaped waffles and white sauce!

1. Cultures in the City! – This is my favourite part of the festival. It’s like a mini-Folklorama, with live entertainment and food from all over the world. Check out this area and you’ll see Steinbach is not nearly as full of Russian Mennonites as you thought it was. A lot of fun!

The festival runs from Friday, June 15 to Sunday, June 17.