The Birth of The Daily Bonnet

It all began with an evening walk. It was sometime in May, 2016. I tend to bring along a notebook and pen, no matter where I go. As Andrew and I walked and talked, he had more and more ideas for satirical, amusing Mennonite articles or blog posts. I wrote them down so we wouldn’t forget.

Right now, it’s snowing outside. Snowing in April. I kind of like it. But anyway, two years ago when we were taking our brainstorming walks, the evenings were finally getting warmer and we were excited to get out, without being surrounded by snow. We walked all over town, and felt that inspiration was everywhere. We love this place!

We took some pictures. I found these two the other day, and thought to myself, “Oh, this was the night The Daily Bonnet was born!” Our walk eventually brought us to Sawney Beans, where we were happy to see the patio was set out. We took a seat, ordered beverages… and now I had a table to write my notes on.

Nearly two years have passed since that first walk, and Andrew’s first Daily Bonnet post. (They grow up so fast!)