Strolling St. Jacobs Mennonite Cemetery

Time for another cemetery post! This was last summer. We were quickly visiting St. Jacobs, and as we drove around in the countryside, we slammed on the brakes the moment we saw this:

According to, this is also known as “Three Bridges Cemetery”.

The cemetery is next to what I think is a school. I think it used to be a church.

So we parked there, and walked over to the cemetery.

Like much of what we saw in Ontario (in our summer 2019 visit), the cemetery was lovely.

So, here is an opportunity to look around the cemetery with us.

Photos from both my camera and from Andrew’s.

I’m sorry that I do not know much about this cemetery that we stopped in and took pictures of…

And I don’t know why I insisted on this selfie. Yet, here we are.

I feel that we could take a little more time with each of these stops along the way. We’re definitely slowing down as we age, so perhaps our next venture out (hopefully… 2022?) will be more thoughtful.

Thanks for joining us for yet another cemetery stroll. Stay safe, stay well, friends!