Snowy Manitoba Love

Hi! Happy long weekend, merry family day, and greetings on this Louis Riel Day.

Just leaving a bit of a photo essay here, celebrating my love of snow.

I’m grateful for the snow. We have a lot of it this year, and I fully appreciate it. Many years have passed since I’ve been able to walk along with the sense that every sidewalk is now a snow tunnel or a snow fort that we all share. It’s pretty, sparkly, soft, quiet, pristine. 

Snow reminds me of the passage of time. 

Right now I’m in a chilled winter world that will become merely a strange distant thought in the green heat of July. 

Things change much faster than we notice. Stare too hard and you see no change. Look away for a second and when your gaze returns, everything’s shifted. 

Change is a constant. A devastating thought if you want to hang onto anything. But a comforting thought if you just need a break. 

For me personally, I’m not yet done with winter. Yes yes, a very weird thing to say. I realize everyone around me is cursing the double-blizzard of this particular long weekend… making it feel even longer. (Hey, since when is that a bad thing? Ha.)

But as of yesterday, when the second blizzard of the weekend pummelled us, I haven’t emerged to check on the snow piles. Last I saw, the snow accumulation at church amounted to a massive mountain that takes up a third of the parking lot. It’s fascinating! I love that feeling of being surrounded by immense towers of snow. It makes me feel like a child again!

While I still have a lot to explore, here are a few of my private snow-appreciation pictures taken this January and February.

January 8: I thought maybe this was all the snow we were gonna get. Had to get out and appreciate it while I could! (Just about froze. But also loved every second of this walk!)
January 15: on the Rat River that flows through Otterburne with two friends who have become my pandemic walking/exploring/adventuring buddies. This fills me with contentment.
February 6: exploring the Jourbert Creek near Grunthal Park, again with my two adventuring friends. I broke through the ice! It was fine. 😀
January 16: I harassed Andrew into joining me for a walk along the Seine River in Ste. Anne. I think the community may wish to keep this lovely little river a secret. It was so much fun to walk here!
January 29: I again harassed Andrew into joining me for a walk along the Red River via Ste. Agathe’s new Baudry Trails!
Here we are, exploring Baudry Trails. Andrew was inspired and had to stop to take notes. Walking is good for generating new ideas!
Saw an angel at Baudry Trails!
January 24: went for a very early morning walk to explore the newly fallen snow. This used to be my walking route to work, back when we owned a house and I worked in an office building. This was always among my favourite spots in my walk.
A bend in the secret sidewalk. The snow is likely much higher now. I need to check it out!
As of January 24th, the hospital grounds were still aglow with the Bethesda Foundation’s Gifts of Light. A magical discovery!
My favourite house in town puts out the very best decorations along their little fence and it makes my day. Again, still aglow on January 24th, and I love it.
January 31: snowing, so I went out in the evening to fully enjoy it! Began my walk at the cemetery, as one does. I love these old trees and tombstones.
Our downtown forest on January 31st. I think the mountains of snow will be much greater by now.
February 14: I’m fascinated by the colour of the ice-melt that is put in front of our building’s main entrance.
February 16: went to dinner and a movie with friends. Full moon. The fire was alive. I love living where the theatre is within walking distance!


Back to my January 31st evening walk. These snow piles are likely four times the size by now!
Even on January 31st, the snow piles were nearly to the tops of our town’s oldest trees! I need to head out for an update.
February 19: just after one blizzard, but just before another. It was snowing nicely and very briefly kind of warm. I went for an evening walk to fill our growler at The Public.
February 13: on my way to the United Church in the evening for an outdoor candlelight vigil. I love this gnarled old tree. And I appreciate our lampposts. And it was a snowy full moon.
January 24, 7:25am. I’d been out exploring for a while and this is what I looked like. And yep, that’s a Longest Night Run toque. (If you know, you know.)

Thanks for reading this far and witnessing my love of snow and winter. The days are growing longer and brighter. Stay warm, friends!