Oh my goodness, I WON!

Let me tell you a sad story. It is the story of how I never win anything. Okay well it isn’t that sad really, because I’m doing just fine anyway. Besides, after four decades of this kinda thing, I’m quite accustomed to not winning.

However, my lack of winning didn’t stop me from buying quilt raffle tickets every time I walked past the beautiful quilt on display at the Mennonite Heritage Village. I liked it so much, I even took a picture of it on August 28, 2021, as you can see here:

I always enjoy stopping to chat with the Auxiliary when I see them selling raffle tickets for the quilt, and bought tickets frequently since I was at the quilt raffle table anyway. I just never expected it to actually pay off!

Andrew and I were hanging around at the Mennonite Heritage Village during Pioneer Days because it is quite awesome to do so. Suddenly I heard Executive Director Gary Dyck calling my name over the loudspeaker, that I should head for the pavilion. I ran out of the housebarn and trotted across the village street yelling, “On my way!” I hurried into the pavilion and there the Auxiliary presented me with this beautiful quilt! My goodness. This lovely piece of exquisite artwork, that I’d admired for about two years, was now MINE?!

They in turn were pleased I was actually there to receive it in person as soon as it was announced! So many people visit the museum and many come out from far away so while they do purchase quilt raffle tickets, they may not end up being on-site at the exact moment the draw takes place — so we had the excitement of finding out that I had won it, AND they were able to promptly give it to me! I felt very lucky as I marched down the village street holding the quilt. I did draw a few envious glances from several other museum-goers who were fully aware of the valuable item I had just won. How did I know? They told me 🙂

Wanna know something extra EXTRA cool? My mother-in-law was one of the quilters who worked on the quilt that I won! She came over and studied the stitchwork and reflected upon working on it. This was the quilt that she had started on when she first joined the Village Quilters! So I think that makes it particularly special. Here we are together, with the quilt:

This pattern is called “Be Bold”. Upon further inspection, I found that this quilt comes with the details of its origin, and I think that’s very neat:

The quilt raffle continues! At Fall on the Farm I encountered more Auxiliary members selling raffle tickets for the next quilt on the docket! I think it’s very beautiful too. Can’t you just imagine it brightening your room and keeping you warm all throughout the winter?

These carefully stitched quilts are valued at $1000, but I suspect they’re actually worth much more than that, when you think about the hours that go into creating these beautiful, practical works of art. If you’re interested in purchasing raffle tickets (or joining the Village Quilters) you’ll find contact information on their website, mhv.ca.

I believe that raffle tickets are three for $10, and the next draw will take place August 7, 2023. I wish you the same kind of luck that I had this year!