My First Encounter With Vespers

“Why have we never come to this before?” Andrew whispered, somewhat accusingly.

I’d been wondering the same thing.

The Vespers service was over, and we fully realized that we had been missing out.

We attended Vespers at the Mennonite Heritage Village for the very first time this past Sunday.

We’d been missing an experience that kind of defies words. And yet, here I try.

The Choir sang so gorgeously, it felt like a blessing washing over us. Bestowing a sacred, generous moment on those of us in attendance.

And then, the choir director, on this occasion Paul Dueck, turned to invite the audience to join, and suddenly we were in the midst of surround sound. So unspeakably beautiful, tears threatened to spill. Like I was somehow glimpsing something too beautiful to even stand.

On this night, they had been singing songs from the new hymnal.

Afterward, I just wanted to sit and soak it up.

Our evening afterward felt so calm and still. Usually on a Sunday night I’ll be puttering frantically, putting my life together for a busy Monday morning. But not on this night. The peace of Evening Vespers has stayed with me.

A blessing for all.

We will attend every Vespers from now on.

The above card says:

The Steinbach Community Vespers Choir, along with Guest Conductors, invites you to an evening Worship Service, of Sacred Choral Music, at the Mennonite Heritage Village, Sundays, at 7:00 P.M. on these dates:

Dec.1, 2019 with Marilyn Hauser Hamm

Feb.2, 2020 with Nathaniel de Avila

Mar.1, 2020 with. Kristel Peters

Apr.5, 2020 with Mel Braun

Presented in Partnership with Eastman Choral Association & MHV.