Mom Makes Roll Kuchen

Let me introduce you to my mom!

Here she is.

I go over and have breakfast with her almost every Saturday morning.

And one day, I walked in on her in the midst of doing this:

Making roll kuchen!

And, in classic Erin-fashion, instead of actually helping her, I just stood around taking pictures.

I thought it was important to document her doing this. I’ve watched her make roll kuchen for my entire life.

I suppose that here I should explain what roll kuchen is… but honestly, if you’re descended from Russian Mennonites, you’ll already know: it’s delicious deep-fried dough. Best enjoyed with a healthy helping of golden corn syrup, and a side of watermelon.

And I think she makes the very best roll kuchen — thin and crispy! (I really don’t like the soft roll kuchen. Crispy or nothing!)

If you’re thinking, “Hey, this is a summertime treat!” Well… you’re right. It sure is. This was probably back in August. But… I figure it’s almost time for New Year’s Cookies… and in many ways, the process is somewhat similar. (As in, the deep-frying aspect.)

It also took me awhile to get her permission to post this. I was afraid she’d turn me down, so I kind of delayed asking her.

But she granted me permission, so I probably didn’t need to be so worried. So, there she is! Hi mom!