Merry Christmas & thank you, from Mennotoba

Andrew tells me that I haven’t been the most faithful writer this year. I think he is correct. It seems like after a while, people who write blogs tend to go through a bit of an existential, dark-night-of-the-soul-type recalibration situation. Maybe that’s what this was. But I also might just be a lazy procrastinator who doesn’t understand why they’d put off doing something they love — oh, that might be it actually, since I may have a fear of failing at doing what I love, is that a thing? ANYHOOZLE! I’m continually well aware that my readers are all far more intelligent than I am, and while on one hand perhaps it would seem that I flatter myself for thinking this, the truth is, it can also be incredibly unnerving and I feel completely unworthy and out of my depth. Yet here you are. And here I am. And we’re all forging ahead into 2023 together. And I feel incredibly grateful.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for joining me for explorations and adventures. Thank you for your patience and your faith in Mennotoba. Let’s keep going!

(Feature photo: Andrew and went for a lovely snowy walk. While I attempted to take a selfie, he remembered he had to post a Daily Bonnet. As we do. Merry Christmas to you!)

Here is the Christmas cookie that I am figuratively giving to you, with appreciation.