Mennonite Icon Fred Penner Compliments My Hat

Several years ago, we went to Kelwood for the Harvest Sun Festival. Here’s what happened the second day of our adventure…

First of all, a pair of cute little voices just outside the tent awoke us from our slumber: “Is auntie Erin in there? When do you think she’s going to come out?” It was too adorable. My friends’ daughters just melt my heart. The rest of me felt like melting too, because the hot summer sun had turned our tent into a greenhouse/furnace.

When I emerged, I discovered that all the females of the group were now going to “walk into town”. This was exciting! My first time seeing what kind of place we’d stumbled into — because I certainly hadn’t seen much due to our late arrival the night before. I was mostly excited at the idea of buying a coffee and a breakfast. We soon found ourselves at the White Rabbit Café. I’d read about this place, and was excited to finally experience it for myself. I really love small, quirky, heartfelt, locally-owned and operated businesses, and this girl seemed kind, talented, creative, and just the kind of person that should own an eatery such as this. white rabbit

We returned to the festival.  At some point that day, Sam took this photo of Andrew: lays

Nothing quenches your thirst like a can o’ Lays!

Right around the time that was happening… THIS was happening over at the main stage:

That’s Fred Penner on stage at Harvest Sun.  Andrew got me in the video at the end there a little bit.

When I was a child in the 80’s, Fred Penner’s Place was one of my favourite television shows, so I was pretty pleased that he was going to be the children’s entertainment at Harvest Sun. Later that afternoon, I had a chance to say hi to him: “Thanks for that great performance! I’ve been a fan since I was a child! My favourite was ‘The Cat Came Back’!” His reply: “Thanks! I like your hat!” Sweet! I liked my hat too. It was a fantastic compliment from Fred. The benefit of attending a tiny festival? You can meet whomever you want — even superstars from your childhood!


Here’s a picture Rachelle sent to me of Andrew and Sam, chillin’ at the festival.  And Rachelle’s lovely neck.  🙂

For various reasons, both Rachelle and Meredith had to leave sometime that afternoon. It was bittersweet, even though we knew we’d see them again soon because we all live in the same little city… it’s just that somehow it’s not the same as hanging out at a summer festival.  *sigh*

After this, Sam, Kristelle, Andrew, and I sat back in our chairs at the main stage and listened to music as darkness fell. At some point I secured sustenance from Margo’s Grill, which had a food truck near the main stage.


Folks at the food trucks, awaiting delicious food.

Suddenly we heard a voice — and guitar — that would not be ignored. Greg MacPherson had taken the stage. Intense, earnest, loud.

It was a beautiful, important evening to me, sitting there with good friends, in a field, under the moon and stars, perfect weather, amazing music.