Loeppky Cemetery in the Distance

Isn’t that feature photo just so haunting? A cemetery that marks the spot a village had once been… now in the midst of a field.

That’s about as close as we got on Thanksgiving Day 2018. We had just been at the Strassburg-Friesen site near Niverville, and I had a real hankering to go to every cemetery Ernie Braun could arrange a visit to. However, we had just had a bit of a muddy time returning from the Strassburg site and he figured we’d go a different day. Still hasn’t happened (because winter). But I did snap these two pics as we stood on the road, looking wistfully toward the Loeppky cemetery.

It’s amazing how we drove past this site a few days before, and couldn’t see anything. But sure enough, if you look carefully… there’s a stand of headstones in the distance.

So, there are many Loeppky sites in this area just west of Tourond. I mean, with four private Loeppky cemeteries, plus the Friesen one (which is really all about Jewish matriarch Eva Glockman Loeppky) — honestly, if you have any Manitoba-Loeppky blood in you, this is the place you wanna come. (I myself am not a Loeppky at all.)

But before you attempt to see any private Loeppky cemeteries, you’ll have to make friends with some farmers first. (This is something I’ve decided to learn how to do… I guess there’ll be future posts about that!)