Have You Ever Tried Crokicurl?

What do you call a cross between the Mennonite sport of crokinole and curling? Well, crokicurl, of course. I’m not kidding. This is a real thing! It was invented in Winnipeg a couple winters ago and has spread to other locations in Canada. I finally got a chance to try it at the Forks!

The rink looks just like a giant crokinole board on ice! We’re dealing with actual curling rocks here (or something like it), so the knipsing technique that you’d use in knipsbrat has to be adjusted a little.

I’m not very good, and had trouble keeping my balance, but it was fun!

We went on a chilly winter evening, so I didn’t play long enough to really get the knack of it. It’s also far too cold right now to knack zoat while playing. I bet Andrew’s grandfather would have been great at this game!

Have you tried crokicurl yet?

I assume that it’ll be open for a few weeks yet this winter, so you still have a chance. And best of all, as any Menno will tell you, it’s absolutely free!