Return to the Mennonite Heritage Village!

I wrote this in May, but then the museum had to close! Thankfully we just heard that museums are now permitted to open more… so I thought okay, this is a good time to post this, in this very strange year. 

Well over a year into the pandemic with travel still off the table, we’re all kinda looking around for adventures and experiences and catharsis close to home. That was a large reason that Andrew and I bought lifetime memberships at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach last summer. It was a fantastic decision. These memberships allow us to stop in for even a different kind of a walk, a breath of fresh air, and the inevitable comfort of strolling the village street.

Somehow the farmyards brought to life at the MHV remind me of the farm I grew up on, even though it wasn’t the same. Yet, I am reminded and comforted by experiencing the MHV in this way, reminding me of my past in this way.

On the first weekend of May, Andrew and I hurried to the museum and burst out onto the village street. The trees were budding and some animals were already back.

I know the MHV already looks different now, all the leaves will be out. I can’t wait to see it again!

I wonder if these trees were planted when the museum was established in 1964.

Soon the Tractor Trek will take place again, raising money for mental health supports. The vintage tractors look so neat lined up along this white picket fence!

An obvious highlight for Andrew and I was being able to finally eat at the Livery Barn Restaurant again! It’s only open May through ’til fall, so we have to take advantage while we can. The food was so good!

Of course, navigating the museum situation is tricky right now with the current health measures

We made some friends of the bovine variety.

Speaking of which, I paid special attention to the monument to Mennonite women, which is the large boulder near the entrance when you first walk out into the village. I realized I have never done any of the the Mennonite-womanly-things depicted on any of the panels… until I saw this one.

This situation I know well. I was born and raised on a dairy farm and milked cows for many years with my mom and grandma.

Just a few other reasons why I love coming to visit the MHV.