First Impressions of St. Jacobs!

We haven’t spent much time getting to know Ontario Mennonites, but our curiosity had been growing. So, last year, we made a quick trip to the Waterloo region, and spent one day exploring St. Jacobs.

St. Jacobs is a village, and it certainly is more booming and bustling than villages in Manitoba! It’s a destination for tourists like us who want to explore the charming cozy side of Mennonite culture.

Knowing nothing about the place (Andrew had researched and brought me here), I was delighted to see evidence of Mennonites everywhere I looked.

Come on and take a look at St. Jacobs through my eyes!

Mennonite quilts!
Mennonite mural!
Mennonite church!

Home Hardware headquarters. I had no idea HH had Ontario Mennonite roots!

The boyhood home of Maple Leafs star Darryl Sittler. “We, the residents of St. Jacobs are proud of our favourite Son.”

I will say that it felt a little discombobulating in that the whole place felt so familiar, yet was certainly so different. Like an alternate Mennonite universe!

We barely dipped our toes into all that St. Jacobs has to offer, but we enjoyed a beautiful visit and regretted not staying longer.