FINALLY Visiting Chortitz, West Reserve!

Ever since I first heard that Chortitz (WR) had a toy shop, I’d been wanting to visit. Yet never had. Until one fleeting day, this past August.

I say it was “fleeting” because Andrew and I were trying to fit in a bunch of visits to Mennonite villages… without the aid of an atlas. Just a Manitoba road map.

My first impression was that it’s very beautiful and serene.

As we drove slowly and weirdly through the village, I glimpsed this very old-looking building, and was ridiculously excited!

I just snapped a photo from the car as we drove by. I think that is allowed. I mean, it’s certainly creepy behaviour… but as you can see, this is the photo I was after. Someday perhaps we’ll get up the nerve to knock on doors and ask permission. I’ve begun to do that a little bit… but not when I’m in a hurry, I guess.

Here’s a reason you should visit Chortitz before Christmas — The Village Toy Shop! I myself have not been there… this was our first time in Chortitz and we were a little bit hurried… but I’ve heard from others that this toy shop is fantastic. Many toys that we may recall from our younger years. I think it’s well worth checking out!

Here is a timid pic from a distance at their delightful little sign:

On this visit I learned that there’s a bakery in Chortitz! I love visiting bakeries! Especially bakeries in little Mennonite villages!

It was closed, though. Alas.

Also on our quick little drive-through tour, we glimpsed this private Mennonite school — alive and well in Chortitz! I wonder if it’s been operational the entire time, since the 1870’s…?

We didn’t visit the Old Colony cemetery mentioned on the sign below.

BUT… we certainly visited the OTHER Chortitz cemetery. I was so taken with it, that I figure it deserves its own post!

Thank-you, Chortitz, for putting up with me and Andrew driving through your village in such a strange manner. Next time we will visit the bakery and toy shop for sure!