Fighting Over Strawberry Tarts from MJ’s

Written two weeks ago: 

One summer day, two years ago, Andrew and I went to MJ’s Kafe for supper as we frequently do, and at the end of our satisfying meal, we had no choice but to make room for a strawberry tart. This is a seasonal treat, and they sell out fast. So if there was a strawberry tart to be had, you bet we were gonna order it! Andrew promptly took all these pictures of me fawning all over the strawberry tart, with the intent that I would write about it. And then I forgot. Or rather, I should say, I “forgot”. I mean, come on. How many posts about MJ’s Kafe menu items is too many? Even I am getting annoyed.

Super-old pic, clearly from back when I was between stylists and my hair had grown out of control.

Written this past weekend: 

My posts this week are all about Andrew’s many accusations lobbed at me regarding my negligence in posting. “You haven’t even posted about MJ’s strawberry tarts!” he exclaimed at me.

My response: “I’ve been working on one but I’m posting about MJ’s too much!”

This he could not deny.

Well anyway, here’s the thing: sometimes (all the time?) you (I) crave a downright delicious strawberry tart — the kind you can only get when the weather is warm. But also, perhaps you (I) don’t feel like actually making the tart. Also there is the very real risk of eating an entire batch. This is why I like to purchase just one and then Andrew and I can fight over it.

Actually, now with MJ’s new corner store (really wish it wasn’t being touted as a “kornerstore” with a ‘k’) concept, you can just walk in and walk out with a box of TWO strawberry tarts. This has given Andrew and I one less thing to fight over. Marital bliss has ensued. Thank you, MJ’s Kafe.

Their royal highness. (I put the chair behind the tart like this on purpose, cool right?)