Farmer’s Sausage Burgers & Strong Opinions

Who here likes a good old fashioned Farmer’s Sausage Burger? I think we all have our favourites. Seems like nearly every restaurant boasting a chef with Mennonite-adjacent roots will serve some kind of version of a Farmer’s Sausage Burger.

Before I get into that, I have a few grammatical questions.

First, why am I capitalizing the words Farmer’s, Sausage, and Burger? Well, I figure that’s how it’ll show up on these menus so this is my attempt to match menus case-for-case.

Second, is it “Farmer’s Sausage” or “Farmer Sausage”? I sincerely am not confident in either. It’s tricky with that ‘S’, I’ll tell you that much.

Okay, now that those pesky questions are out of the way, let’s talk about the actual burger. I’m not sure if it’s obvious from the pictures, but we were not at a restaurant. Rather, Andrew took these pictures of me while dining at his parents’ place when we returned home from vacation last year. Or, perhaps it was in 2018. Honestly, I sit on these ideas he has for blog posts for YEARS.

Little secret: Andrew’s favourite farmer sausage (see? that’s how I naturally spell it — no capitals, no apostrophes, no possessives) is Pioneer, located between Neubergthal and Altona. We’ve even had farmer sausage tasting parties and he was very firm that this was his favourite. (Though I really don’t think we’ve tried them all yet.)

You can get the patties but I feel like it’s more “traditional” to simply throw a whole link of farmer sausage on the grill and then cut it up into pieces and butterfly them after the fact — they’ll be nice and juicy!

He recently asked me what makes a burger a Farmer’s Sausage Burger. I told him it must have farmer sausage (is the inconsistency here driving you nuts yet?), a very fresh bun chock full of gluten, and Bothwell Cheese. Andrew always adds pickles, which seems about right. Other than that, it’s up to personal taste. Lately I’ve been using maple syrup as a condiment but that’s not very Mennonite. However, it is quite Canadian and I’m good with that. Guess it matches my plaid flannel shirt.

How do you like YOUR farmer sausage burger?

I feel weird about Andrew taking these pictures of me, but I tolerate it.