Exploring Winkler, Part 2: Kronsgart

Andrew is going to get after me for naming these in a very boring manner. OH WELL.

So. Where were we? Oh yes. I had just found a perfect path to the Neureinland cemetery, when I realized it was dinner time and I needed to hurry back to my aunt and uncle’s place.

Belly full, they told me I should get back out there and continue exploring (bless them!). When I walked out the door alone into the warm summer evening, I wasn’t sure where exactly I was going to go.

Soon I found myself driving north. I felt like searching for Kronsgart.

The reason? Another of my mom’s sisters had given me an envelope of old family pictures. Inside, there was an image of my great-(great?)-grandfather in his youth, probably circa 1900 (?). On the back, it says “Kronsgart”. I knew my maternal grandmother’s side of the family had roots in the West Reserve, so I assumed this was the Kronsgart referenced on the back of the photograph. I don’t know where it is at this very moment. I have a few safekeeping places… and am not very organized. But that’s another thought for another post.

I remember the image, and I remember it says Kronsgart. And I found Kronsgart on the map. So I went there.


I knew I had arrived when I reached the road sign that says “Kronsgart Rd”. It intersects with Rosewell Road. As you can see, there is mostly nothing there. I was disappointed but not surprised. I also wasn’t prepared to leave just yet. After all, I feel deeply that just because it seems there is “nothing there” does not make it so. You just have to pay attention and look carefully.

Kronsgart is interesting on the map because it looks like a triangle. So, not the typical square.

And so, I was going to travel each of these roads triangle roads slowly, carefully.

Wild ditch roses in the wind, and “Gravel ends ahead.” Dirt road from here on out.

Proof of dirt road:

But do you see, those are all giant old cottonwoods out there.

Railway Avenue:

In the centre of the picture, a hill, with an old house. I feel like that house was here back when the rail line came through and Kronsgart was a Place.

Perhaps those yard sites and trees shelter some remains of Kronsgart. I was not feeling I could investigate on this, my first venture, alone. Really this was only reconnaissance.

At this point I felt I was done with my first visit to Kronsgart. And had kind of failed. Me exploring independently did not seem to be going very well. Too afraid to go up to people’s houses, a local friend would be able to help. And yet, I wanted to see what I could stumble upon, on my own.

As I departed Kronsgart, I found this:

A school marker that says: “Kronsgart S.D.#2151 1926-1964” and it is at the corner of Road 17N and 18W.

The school location does not interest me so very much, as I believe my great-greats were long since gone from this area by the time that school was up and running. They had left for Saskatchewan.

This final picture was taken at 7:44pm. The night was still young. The sun was still high in the summer sky, and I had a full tank of gas. Where would I go next?