Closed Restaurants (Because You’re Probably Already Pretty Full Anyway)

Well, I’ve definitely missed the boat on writing about a few key restaurants in our area. I had intended to sometime post about these… but they’re closed now. And so, I’m taking a moment to instead look back on tasty food at two great local restaurants that are no more: Uncle Jake’s, and Oma’s Schnitzel Stube.

First, Uncle Jake’s. Evidently, Andrew and I last dined here in 2018. We were not regulars, and yet the restaurant was so very familiar. Located in Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre shopping mall, it had long been the sole eatery in this place throughout the mall’s existence, as far as I’m aware. In my youth, I’d worked at two different stores in this mall… and yet had not dined here very often. I think only twice did I meet a friend for lunch here. But every time I ate at Uncle Jake’s, it was comforting, the service was friendly, and the food tasted good. It was cafeteria-style, which somehow felt indulgent to me.

Upon our last visit to Uncle Jake’s, we were reminded of their efficient service, and satisfying sandwiches. I think those might’ve been the only crinkle fries in Steinbach? Is it fair to say I miss a restaurant that I didn’t necessarily frequent?

Next, Oma’s Schnitzel Stube in St-Pierre-Jolys. Yep, a German restaurant in a French town. In its heyday, Oma’s was the hottest thing. I remember taking my in-laws here for Mother’s Day, and the line to get in was very, very long. All the way down the hallway (there’s a hallway in the entranceway) and right out the door into the parking lot. Folks even came out from Winnipeg for a special meal at Oma’s.

We ate here several times over the years, speaking with Oma herself, and learning that she had moved here from Germany and made sure to only serve German beer on draught, which was very impressive to us. Note that Oma’s did not serve Mennonite cuisine — hers was strictly German. Her buffets were my favourite, and her trifle could make you tipsy. She as a generous Oma, that’s for sure.

I was choked when I saw the restaurant was for sale, but then not entirely surprised, because I knew she was tired. No one could cook like her, and that meant she could not get any rest… until she sold her establishment.

I’m sorry I neglected to post anything about these terrific local restaurants until just now. But I also feel like hey, probably in their place new wonderful eateries shall pop up. I’m hopeful it’ll happen.