5 Minutes in the Old Altona Cemetery

The other day when Andrew and I saw his book rolling off the line at Friesens, we made one quick detour to check out the Old Altona Cemetery, and I learned absolutely nothing from the experience.

But at least I had learned one thing from my previous erroneous post about my search for Old Altona’s original cemetery — Conrad Stoesz at the MHA let me know there was indeed a cemetery in what is the actual Old Altona. I always remembered this and wanted to return to see it. (For whatever reason, it’s taken me this long.)

Unfortunately, the day we visited was the coldest day of the year so far. Or, colder than I’d felt for a long time and I haven’t built up my coldness-callous that every Manitoba must have to survive. Nor did I remember to bring a hat, mitts, or scarf, so that’s definitely on me.

So here are pictures I took for those few seconds I ran around the cemetery getting my first frostbite of the season.

This stone tells of Lena and Susie Kehler, probably sisters. Susie born in 1904, Lena in 1914. Both died the spring of 1918. I think that was in the time of the Spanish Flu.
The top has fallen off this one. It’s tough to read, I think it’s for Rempels, possibly Abraham and Helena. Born 1915? I also see the year 185? on the stone. Also Kehler. It is difficult to read.
There are Harms family stones around the tree.

This stone is broken but someone is taking care of it. It says “Mutter Helena Braun Geb. Rempel 873-1955 // Vater David G. Klassen 1868-1907 // ‘Der herr ist mein hirte.'”
An interesting stone that tells a bit about the family: “SCHWARTZ. Johann, Agatha and family left Bergthal, Ukraine on 30 June 1874. Arrived in East Reserve 2 Aug. 1874. Sept. 1881 they moved to West Reserve. The following children and grandchildren are buried in unmarked graves in this cemetery.” The family names are Braun and Klassen.
Here lies little Anna Kehler, born 1894, died 1902. Rest in peace, little one.

This visit was not at all comprehensive. It was merely a first visit. There will be a follow-up in kinder weather. Look for it in 2022!

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