Martin Harder Talks the Morden-Winkler Rivalry, Vereneki Preferences and More: 5 Questions with the Winkler Mayor

Martin Harder has been mayor of Winkler, Manitoba for the past 11 years. He is “a family man whom God has chosen to have the opportunity to have two great marriages. My first marriage for 46 years! Now my effort is to be instrumental in being a positive influence to my new wife’s family as well as my family. I have three married children, and seven grandchildren. From my second marriage, my wife has two married children, two grandchildren, and one more on the way. I have been involved as Winkler Chamber President in 1984/85 and Harvest Festival for five years.”
  1. What is your favourite thing about being mayor?
    • The best thing about being Mayor is simply seeing the difference I have made in the City that provides for a better life.
  2. The Daily Bonnet sometimes jokes about a rivalry between Winkler and Morden. How would you describe the relationship between the two neighbours?
    • There is a very different approach to a lot of things. Winkler takes the initiative and gets it done, and usually pays for it on their own. Morden waits for someone to do it, or pay for it.
  3. What do you think has accounted for Winkler’s rapid growth in the last few decades?
    • Winkler has a great community of entrepreneurs, who have a strong business sense, and the City has made it easy for entrepreneurs to invest by having industrial land available, as well as infrastructure to back it up.
  4. Which side is Yantsied?
    • Yantsied is always east of the river!
  5. Do you prefer your vereneki fried or boiled?
    • Boiled is a basic requirement, but like dessert being eaten last, you fry vereniki to get the best.